Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bored Liberals Trying to Ignite a Republican Civil War: Ted Cruz vs. Rand Paul vs. Bobby Jindal?

I think liberals are really getting bored.  Just today there was one article about "The Coming Rand Paul-Ted Cruz Brawl" in Slate and then another on sparring between the Rand Paul and Bobby Jindal camps in BuzzFeed.  Both take pretty huge logical leaps, especially the Slate piece.  In that article the only evidence of a coming "brawl" is that they will be both going after similar voters and then this little nugget:

Endorsements from the Kentucky senator and his congressman father, Ron Paul, were critical in a primary race where the GOP establishment lined up against Cruz and behind Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, an arch-conservative whom the Tea Party nonetheless made out to be a moderate. But Cruz didn't return the favor by endorsing the elder Paul's presidential bid.

Oooh, Ted Cruz didn't endorse Ron Paul?  Big deal, neither did Rand Paul if you remember so I doubt Rand Paul will hold that against him.  Ted Cruz and Rand Paul agree on quite a few issues and will likely work together far more than they will fight on the Senate floor (e.g. Ted Cruz did support Rand Paul's amendment to deny F-16 fighter jets and M1A1 tanks to Egypt).  I really don't see them "brawling" anytime soon.

The BuzzFeed article just has a few people "associated" with each camp talk smack about the other, mostly anonymously.  So take all that with a grain of salt.  Over beers you can get people to talk smack about anybody.  Here are some tidbits:

"[A]nd now for the rebuttal to the GOP response from 2016 Libertarian Party Nominee Rand Paul #sotu," tweeted Brad Todd a principal at On Message Inc., a Republican media firm whose clients include Jindal (and have included Paul in the past, when they made television ads for his Senate race).

Oh wow, a tweet from a guy who makes ads for Jindal and used to for Paul.  Does he even count as being in the Jindal camp?  And then there is this nugget:

"I don't see Bobby Jindal being much of a player on Rand or Marco's side of the field," said one senior Republican operative associated with Paul. "Quite frankly I see him as the 2016 version of Tim Pawlenty without the Minnesota nice."

Try to hold back.  A comparison to Tim Pawlenty? Them's fighting words, I guess.

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