Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rand Paul: It's None of Our Business Where Israelis Build

Funny how even supposedly pro-Israel Republican administrations haven't said something like this.  From the Jerusalem Post:

It is “none of our business” whether Israel builds new neighborhoods in east Jerusalem or withdraws from the Golan Heights, and the US should not tell Israel how to defend itself, US Sen. (R-Kentucky) said on Saturday night at the end of a week-long visit to the country.

Paul, a maverick libertarian senator known for his advocacy of slashing US foreign aid, said at a press briefing that the issue of cutting aid to Israel – something he advocates as part of a gradual process – did not come up during his meetings with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu or President Shimon Peres.

Paul said that he was not interested in the message of his trip being that he came here “touting and spouting” cutting aid to Israel.

“I came here to show that I am supportive of the relationship between Israel and America,” he said.

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