Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Jack Hunter Smear

I'm still flabbergasted by this Jack Hunter kerfuffle which I wrote about yesterday.  Alana Goodman, formerly of Commentary, wrote a hit piece yesterday in which she paints a picture of Jack Hunter as some sort of racist white supremacist who is currently employed by Rand Paul.  If she actually did her research and wasn't just trying to ruin a guy's career because she doesn't like his boss, she would know how wrong a picture that is.  Here is something he wrote after Obama was elected:

As a conservative I have little use for Obama's politics, but as an American and more specifically a Southerner, I think I can understand the excitement, particularly in the black community. Listening to urban radio this week, black nightclubs advertised Obama inauguration parties and drink specials. A black-themed clothing store in downtown Charleston advertised deals on suits for Obama's swearing in. It could be said these folks are just being smart capitalists, and they are, but I don't remember these businesses offering any Bush inauguration specials.

The first black American president likely represents many different things to many different black Americans. But much of the joy I see in my black neighbors and friends, seems to be a sense that a new level of respect, perhaps the greatest respect, has now been paid to them by their nation.

Oh boy, what a monster right?  So what if he hates Abraham Lincoln?  There are many legitimate reasons to.  Or is being an actual iconoclast not allowed nowadays?  

I used to be a fan of Commentary and the folks who write for it (Alana Goodman wrote for it and is clearly still close with the people there and the alums like Jen Rubin).  But I've noticed that they have focused a bit too much energy in destroying Republicans they don't like lately.  Also, they've become really petty. Today, after making a comment about Alana Goodman and what she was trying to do Jack Hunter, I got called an ass by John Podhoretz (editor of Commentary) and then not only unfollowed but blocked as well.  Never at any time did I insult him or anything.  How disappointing.  

These people are really making me regret my libertarian neocon moniker.  

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