Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rand Paul compares Rubio's Immigration Bill to Obamacare

Watch Rand Paul give some constructive criticism on the immigration plan so that it eventually passes the House and Senate.  He points out:
You have to have a plan to build a fence. But, you don’t have to build a fence. If you don’t have a plan to build a fence, then you get a commission. I don’t know what happens if the commission doesn’t do anything. That’s the story of Washington around here. To me, it’s a little bit like Obamacare. I hate to bring that up, but 1,800 references to ‘the secretary shall at a later date decide things.’ We don’t write bills around here. We should write the bill. We should write the plan. We should too these things to secure the border whether it be fence, entry, exit, we should write it–not delegate it.

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