Monday, December 3, 2012

Jonathan Tobin Somehow Finds Something to Damn About Rand Paul's Planned Trip to Israel

Seriously, I think Jonathan Tobin from Commentary Magazine is obsessed with Rand Paul.  Once again he finds a lame reason to attack Rand Paul as being anti-Israel with a new piece titled "Rand Paul Can't Fool Pro-Israel Christians".  When I first read the title, I thought he might have found a leader of the Christians United for Israel to denounce Rand Paul as pro-Palestinian or something.  But no, there is actually nothing new in the piece itself other than the fact that Rand Paul has planned a trip to the Jewish State for next month.  Oh the horror, how could he?!?!?  It sounds like a good thing.  I also found this passage funny given the title:

Though he is being accompanied by a delegation of pastors and will, no doubt, make the usual stops in Jerusalem and perhaps even be schlepped to southern Israel to inspect the damage done by Hamas missiles, they will judge him on his record, not mere symbolism. Unless he truly changes his views on the subject, he is not likely to make much headway in a community that will judge him harshly for being a false friend to Israel.

So wait, what I will assume are pro-Israel Christian pastors will be accompanying Rand Paul on a trip to Israel and somehow pro-Israel Christians will "judge him harshly"?  Umm, it seems he has found some pro-Israel Christians who believe him when he says he is pro-Israel (otherwise why would they be helping him gain credibility on the issue?), making the whole piece nonsensical.  I think Tobin is going to need to find something more to paint Rand Paul as "a false friend of Israel" than the fact that Ron Paul was anti-Israel and the fact that he opposes all foreign aid (which is something that I think will actually help Israel).

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